What’s gone on in my game today

I spent so much needed time with one of my other family’s. The Lunar’s.  A lot of ground was covered in just a few short hours. Following is a recap of the day’s events.

Dad, Judd, took Jada out for a stroller ride. And while they were on their walk, she grew up to a child! Happy day’s!

And while that was going on, back at the homestead, Sydney got caught by mom setting a booby trap. She got scolded for it. Then they all danced.

Uh oh, looks like mom, Tryp, is prego’s again… And she tells dad the good news! He is so excited! Here he is bonding with baby already, what a good daddy!

Jada decided to let her imaginary friend come out and enjoy the sunshine for a little while after school, then they had a pillow fight…good times…

Sydney is learning how to drive, what a lucky duck, she gets to drive mom’s Escalade! Sydney and Jada decided to give some business to icecream truck.

Before the baby comes, they decide to have a couple windows replaced on their home, and just in time too, here comes baby!

Judd and Tryp had a bouncing baby boy, who they named Davon. I will post pic’s of him as soon as I get back into my game later on. Until then…Happy simming, everyone!

Additional pic’s to happenin’s in the Shaw family today:

Baby Davon

???? No, not a ghost or a glitch. It’s actually Jada’s imaginary friend mopping the bathroom floor:

Ghost story time by Jada

And last of all, Sydney went over to Arlo and Lisa Bunch’s home after school. Here they are brainstorming over homework

Judd received two promotions at work, and two raises. He is the criminal career. They both want another baby. Jada will be growing up to a teen in 3 days, Davon will grow up to a toddler in 3 days. But for now, they are all sleeping peacefully.


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