The Hostess With Not the Mostess!

Getting invited to a party is suppose to mean fun times, right? Well, Mystic Ice was invited to one of her best friends homes for a party. The hostess promised it would be fill with fun times. No one expected this to happen:

The hostess dies! Talk about a buzz killer!!

In the next two, check out where Grim is and look where she is: (I’m sorry I just can’t remember that sims name for the life of me! Sad, yeah, I know)

After Grim does… whatever he does with the ghost, I didn’t want to sound morbid and say- After Grim disposed of the body…that would of been just….WRONG, he decided to hang around for a bit, as he does, sometimes, that’s just plain creepy, like he’s scoping out the room looking for a cookie or something or someone, so my girl, being the singer she is, did a cheer up sing-a-gram, like Grim needs to be cheered up, Really? I did it anyway…I just couldn’t resist!  >:)

And then Grim laughed at her…how rude!



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