Have You Ever?

Zoned into your game so much that when you pulled yourself out, you felt disoriented? This happened to me yesterday, again, I always have a tendency to zone a bit to hard into my game, I forget the real world around me. Then when I’m ripped back, it’s almost disappointing and I long to go back in. I hosted hannah2244’s Sim, Carolyn the Tiger, before returning to the “real world”. Here are a couple pic’s from that performance. She did a really good show!

Then my girl and guy, Mysty a.k.a. Mystic Ice and Rickie, decided to tie the knot with just a handful of close friends

Rickie proceeding to the wedding arch.( And… yeah, how rude, someone calling him during an important time! Probably his agent, geesh, some people!)

Mysty making her way to the wedding arch

These next ones are of guests, and the wedding

And that’s all I have so far. I managed to score on some more badges from game play too! Yay, me! As I said, I was zoned really good into my game, until I was so rudely ripped away and had to quit. -_-   When I left the wedding party was still going on…so I’m sure I will have some more pic’s from today and maybe from some more hosted sims!


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