I Had a Blast Today!I

Another day filled with visiting sims and more accomplished on my legacy, which is starting to, sadly, come to an end. Only a few more chapters are left in Serenity’s life, and what an amazing journey it has been to be able to write her life’s story.

But, anyway, let’s take a look see at that gallery…shall we?



This one is from simmer, jimed and their sim Kara the Toothsome. Another magician, and another awesome name!

Bye, bye Kara the Toothsome

And then I just did some random pic’s.

after that amazing show, my sims ate at the coffeehouse. All the excitement made them hungry!

The babysitter. He is such a good little helpy-helperton!

Yeah, don’t know what is going on with this car????

same car, different angle. I always get the strangest things happen in my game?!

scope out that fancy-dancey move! (not to mention my girl is one lucky girl to have a hubby with a bod like that!)

I want a toilet that does this…

the uber toilet!

These next ones are of just two of the vehicles I downloaded from Fresh Prince Creations.

2012 Ford F-150

2009 Pontiac G8 GXP

One sweet ride…

Playing with imaginary friend…we all need someone to chat with who understands us, don’t we???

Family meal time. Enjoying a nice evening out on the back patio.

Playing inside the toy box.

Oh yeah…from the sounds of the glass shattering in the distance…I wouldn’t take credit for that smashing hit! He forgot to yell…”FOUR!” or whatever.

And that raps up today’s photo gallery from my game play. The others, I’m afraid you will just have to wait til chapter 11 in my legacy is complete.

Have an good night, excellent Sunday, and as always…Peace out, Be safe and Take care…





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