Something Weird Happened Today

I hosted two more sim’s today, but the strangest thing happened. The second sim that I hosted, never made it into my game?! Yet, as if she had came and performed, a message popped up prompting the end of the tour. I clicked on the ‘view simport book’ and  I got the stamp for her being there. I had sent my girl to the coffeehouse, and waited and waited and waited, kept looking at the time, waited some more. Zoomed to map view double checked the time, location and day of the performance, yup, Monday at 4:00. It was a Monday and the current sim time was 5:00. Went back to location, waited some more. Oh well. At least we didn’t get screwed out of rewards! But I’m kinda bummed, I wanted to get some pic’s! =D

But I did get some from the first sim I hosted today. These are of BabyBlueClouds49’s sim-ZJ, hope you like them!

=D my girl knows the song by heart, she’s sang it a million times herself! So, she sang along!

And I want to include some other shots from my game today. This first one is of my girl and guy performing for tips at the coffee house.

Then she had her birthday. She is a full adult now.

Afterwards, they ate at the coffeehouse and treated a bunch of their friends.

I did a make over of their bedroom, it’s fit more for a Rocker and singer now.

Yes that is a fur rug, candles on the floor and mirrors around the room.

Rickie is feeling a little lonely as Mysty had a touring gig she had to go to.

But he finally went to sleep

Guess they were so happy to see each other after she returned home from tour…that I don’t think she will be touring anytime soon, tho…

she spent the entire day puking her guts out!


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