One baby is a joy, but two babies are a delight!

My singer sim, Mysty (Mystic Ice) and hubby, Lead Guitarist, Rickie are the proud parents of Marisol and Joylynn. The twins were born today during my game and I host simmer, annemijn111’s sim- acrobat Kia Knight.

Here Mysty is telling Rickie the good news of expecting their first child and his reactions to the news:

Mysty is trying her hand at golf and Rickie learning a new trick shot at the pool table:

Then the big day arrives, after getting a massage, Mysty went into labor! That must have been one heck of a massage! =D

Going to the hospital in style!Finally soon to be daddy arrives on the scene and just in time too!Delivering the babies home in style is one perk of being a celebrity.

Marisol and Joylynn

Mysty and Marisol

Joylynn and Mysty

Rickie and Joylynn

Rickie and Marisol

And now for the amazing Kia Knight, acrobat sim of simmer annemijn111 at the park:


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