Riding the Mechanical Bull and Other Stuff

I placed the Mechanical Bull in one of my houses today and had my guy try it out. His first round on it was pretty funny. Check it out!

Round 2, was even funnier yet!

He gets up and smacks the bull, like that is really going to hurt it!

Round 3 is final success!

Mysty and Rickie’s twins, Marisol and Joylynn grow up to toddlers. Seems like just…today they were born! My how those days flew by…

Looks like Joylynn has taken after mom, she has purple/red hair just like her! Wow…that ought to make it real easy to tell the two apart!

I happened to catch the maid…YES THE MAID, changing the babies diapers before they grew up! I’m definitely going to keep him around….good help is hard to find, but excellent help is even harder yet!

I know what you’re thinking, but if you look close, Mysty’ has moved. I thought the same thing, I took a double pic of the same baby. Really, I didn’t.

Such good parents, reading the lil ones to sleep.

Yes, I know the curtains are on the wall. I put them there to be different.

Degg, degg! See you tomorrow!


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