A Great Way to Start the Weekend

I’m going to get right into it here. I hosted four sims today. So let’s get going…shall we?

This first one is jessicatink2006’s singer- He Sell Out, who performed at my Private Venue in Starlite Shores

Then came her Acrobat- Baby Boi, who performed at the park in Starlite Shores

Then I jumped over to Bridgeport where my magician lives, and hosted Trecee’s sim, Maximo The Magnificent, a magician who performed at my park there

And last sim hosted, was Simone Star, Trecee’s sim, who performed at my coffeehouse in Bridgeport

The rest of the day/evening I worked on getting some more CC for my game, yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. The more CC I put in my game the laggier it gets. But you see I really needed this CC. It was for my legacy. Which, you will just have to wait to see those pictures….over in my legacy. Next chapter coming out soon!

Awe…heck. Okay….you talked me into it. Here is a sneak peek into the next chapter.

And that’s all your gonna get. Guess you’ll just have to go over to my other blog to catch up on my legacy and wait for Chapter 11 to come out.  You’ll find the link to my legacy to the right…..no….your OTHER right. It’s over there============================================>

Hint: It’s called All in a Sims Day Legacy. But there are 10 chapters out, so you might want to start reading…NOW!


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