Happy Friday, Everyone!

I didn’t get to post yesterday, as I had a family emergency come up and that resulted in me having to shut down my game and put everything off until today.

Yesterday, was a fun filled day for me! I was able to host 3 fabulous friends sims in two of my towns! Unfortunately, my magician had to give up his scheduled gig to allow a visitor to come in, but it was well worth it!

Please enjoy these clips from yesterday’s game play. First up is:

Starla Night. She is annemijn111’s sim who performed at my park in Bridgetown.

Next is Fantistic Slayer, angl2005151’s sim, who performed at a private venue in Bridgeport

Bianca irritated me, she wouldn’t move! Attention grabber!!!!

And last but not least, before having to shut down, I jumped over to my family in Starlite Shores, and hosted Ivy League. Sim of Kings999

I just had to get a picture of this after the show. All the flashes of camera’s is so…true to life!

Other happenings in my game yesterday, my magician now has a girlfriend,well, it ain’t official yet, and he moved her in. So now he can go out on the road and tour! Don’t know how well that will set with Tana, she is a bit of a “spot light, center of attention” kind of gal. It’s always got to be about her!

Troy and Tana

Now, I’m off to see who else I can host and finish some things that were going on in my game yesterday. Maybe today the twins will learn to walk and talk, their birthday is coming up soon! And maybe I will be able to send my singer, Mystic Ice out on the road. Planning on touching base with Troy and see if he is ready to make it official with Tana, or will he have changed his mind about this young lady. He sure is having fun with her being around tho. LOTS of fun…



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