Mike Ratiff and Brand the Grand

Mike Ratiff is the singer sim of simmer, jsuder1. I had the opportunity to host him in my game yesterday. Below are some clips from that tour.

And then I hosted Brand the Grand, who is simmers christichicc’s sim. I ended up having to have her called her sim home as he started to perform then just stopped. Glitch. (rolls eyes) But she soon sent him back out and this time he gave an epic performance. Still working on delivering a Legendary one.

Just to be curious, I decided to turn my camera view to the audience. I happened to see some of the “game, Big Show Venue, generated sims”. (shudders) Let me warn you, the next two clips…are scary!

My level 3 magician sim, Troy of Bridgeport, performed at his very first Simfest at the Park. He didn’t do so well.

His doves turned into rubber duckies, I guess it was due to nerves.

I had him practice the trick, Sword of Destiny, on his live-in girlfriend, Tana. That didn’t come out to good either. She wasn’t too happy that he stabbed her.

That’s all that went on yesterday. Today is another exciting day and I’m ready to host some more sims! Ta-ta for now…





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