So What do You Think?

About the new pack, it’s not being called a stuff or expansion, so I call it the “Tweeny” pack. It will come with 3 venues, which a stuff pack don’t, but no new town, which an expansion does. This one, Katy Perry Sweet Treats, is set to be released in June. Okay, so I’m not exactly going to turn any of my towns into candy land, or make a gingerbread house for my sims to live in. Probably won’t dress them in “candy or sweet treat” inspired clothing either. But, I do think that the sweet stuff would look great in a kids room, teens room or play room. So, chances are that yeah, I’m going to be “one of those simmers” who does shuck out the 30.00 buck-a-roo’s for it. (and then probably curse a few days…weeks later, when EA has to put a patch out, causing me to have to go through the tedious ritual of pulling my mods folder out, plus my cache files, saves file, etc. just to download the stupid patch. Then start my game up to make sure it’s running right, shut it down, go into the game bin and delete and put my crap back.There has got to be an easier way. AH-HA! They can make a pack that don’t have to be patched, would be a great start! Not going to happen.)

Now aside from that. I didn’t make a post yesterday, as I wanted to keep my “tools used” post up for an extra day. And I really didn’t get much game time in yesterday either. I got some in today, hosted one sim. Put some new mods in my game. Just the usual stuff.

So lets get on with my pics then…

The other day, I think it was on Monday, the 2nd, that I hosted Christichicc’s sim, Brand the Grand, this time in the Hoi Polli Center, in Riverview.

Then today I host him at The Brotherhood of Fine Fellows, in Starlite Shores

And I did some random shots from my game. The twins, Marisol and Joylynn, are now children, they grew up the other day.

Marisol blowing out the candlesMarisol growing up

Joylynn blowing out her candlesJoylynn growing up

New mod I put in my game, more options for tatoos. Rickie now has full body tatoo’s plus more on his arms, and hands

Hey he’s a rock star now, he has to fit the part!

The twins bedroom

First day going to school

There’s a new baby in the house, Blake was born today

And then some shots of the fam having fun. Mysty and Rickie singing karaoke, Mysty and her daughters dancing, Mysty and Rickie dancing, Marisol having a pillow fight with her imaginary friend, Marisol and Joylynn painting, and Joylynn feeling Mysty’s tummy.




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