Short Game Play Today

Back to my game. I played some today, before I had to go to an eye appt. Turns out the pain and watering of my eye is the result of a residual infection from my eyelid and lash base. ( Didn’t even know I had one! I don’t remember my eyelid being swollen or hurt, but apparently at some point I did, and because it went untreated, it came back with a vengeance.) So until it gets better, my game time is short these days as a result of the excessive watering, which drives me crazy and then there is the pain.

Anyway, here are a few shots I got in today.

The twins, got in some riding time on their mechanical horses, if that’s what you can call them. They don’t look like horses to me.

Oh and that would be Joylynn’s imaginary friend, Pal.

Marisol trying out a fancy stunt, (see told you they don’t look like horses!) They look more like a crossbreed between a pig and a horse, that went horribly wrong!

They listened to their dad play his guitar earlier in the day. And you see that gnome on the bar? I have like 3 of them that are constantly popping up in different places through out the house. They even turn on the tv and radio. Annoying little buggers, they are…

Richie had an autograph signing gig that he attended.Here he is signing an autograph.

If I don’t get to post tomorrow, depending on my eye, this is seriously a pain in my ass, have a super weekend everyone!


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