New Fam

My eye is doing much better today, so I created a whole new fam! Complete with a house built just for them, by me, of course. I haven’t built a home for my sims in a while and I didn’t want to loose my touch.

So without any further a-do, here is my newly created fam. I would like to introduce you to The Misfit Friends:

From left to right: Magdilyn, Chic, Devon, and on ground, Nick.

Not friends since childhood, these foursome met as they arrived in Hidden Springs. With only a few dollars to their name, they decided to give it a whirl and try to live together under one roof.

Magdilyn Lopez or Maggie, Mags, for short, is a young adult. Her fav’s are: custom music, the color brown and fav food is pancakes. She is absent minded, a social butterfly, neat, a natural cook and is a bookworm. Maggie wishes to be an author.

Devon Lawrence, is a young adult who loves custom music,the color green and hot dogs. He is hot headed, flirty, daredevil, friendly and athletic. His dream is to be an astronaut.

Chic Hubert is a young adult who likes to jam and party down to custom music, munch on tri-tip steak, and loves the color black. He is flirty, a party animal, friendly, a computer whiz and a great kisser. Look out ladies, this man’s dream is to be a hear breaker. The more girlfriends this guy has…the better he likes it.

Nick Harlow is a young adult who likes custom music, the color red, and fish n chips. He is athletic, brave, a diva, a lil bit on the dramatic side and can get quite excitable. His dream is to be a super star actor.

It seems that there is one thing these four have in common, music, which may make living together a little bit easier. But with Devon’s hot headedness, and Maggie’s absent mindedness, I have to wonder how many times these two will fight because she burnt dinner, or breakfast or forgot to make it all together. Let’s just hope she don’t burn down the house! Chic on the other hand may use any conflicts between Devon and Mags, to score him a new girlfriend. Hope she don’t let her guard down around this one.  Nick will be the saving grace for them all. He will be able to turn a disaster moment around and make it all about him, by dropping a fainting spell, gathering all in the house around him.


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