So You Think You Have Talent

Anyone who has ever written a blog will tell you the hardest thing to come up with, is the Title to that blog post. My title tonight is probably not even going to be remotely close to my post. But hey…it made you take a look right? So I at least accomplished that!

So lets get on with what went on in my game today.

I hosted three sims. One in Hidden Springs and two in Bridgeport. So I’m going to tackle Hidden Springs.

This is Incoming Virus’s sim, Aaron. He is a singer and he performed at my coffeehouse.

Before I go onto Bridgeport and the performing sims there, I want to show what else went on in Hidden Springs, with my new family, The Misfit Friends. After the show they all went into the coffeehouse for a late night dinner. And after dinner, they chatted it up with the towns folk and danced to some free music by a local performer.

Devon ordered pizza and the delivery guy, well either he is an alien or he’s been messing in the food coloring.

And I did some inside shoots of their home.





Living Room (1st pic)

Living Room (2nd pic)

Devon’s bedroom

Chic’s bedroom

Nick’s bedroom

Magdilynn’s bedroom

Oh and I have to include the insane person in Hidden Springs. She went wacko on herself.

I just love those insane sims!

Ok. So now on to Bridgeport where I hosted two other sims. Up first is MsLizzo73’s sim, Sparkle. She is a singer and performed at the Port-A-Party Mini Warehouse.

In between shows, my magician guy, Troy, attended a simfest at the same place.

So on to the next show. This one is MsLizzo73’s sim, Jiggle. Who is an acrobat and she performed at my Performance Park.

And that’s it for today.

My new Avi for on here.




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