Hello simmers and everyone else! Had a minor delay yesterday, but it was Friday the 13th after all! My game wouldn’t launch, kept telling me my disk wasn’t in. So, yep, I fell into the trap…I checked!! Don’t you just love those human instincts, when something or someone says something and you do it anyway….even tho you know you’re gonna feel like a fool?

Once I finally got my game up and running, several hours later, I worked on the latest chapter of my legacy, did some more editing on it and it’s now published. I know the last few or more chapters haven’t been on the cheery or funny side…I promise that is about to change. BJ, (who is now a teenager and is filled with teenage raging moodswings) is going to be delivering some mischief. Take a look at a sneak peek pic of one of his mischievous pranks he pulls on dad. Plus, there’s a new baby about to be announced! Will it be a boy or a girl? You’ll have to wait till Chapter 13 to find out!

That’s all I’m going to post or say about what’s coming up in my legacy. I don’t want to spoil it…cuz then you won’t want to read it!  Unfortunately tho, that’s all the game play I put in for yesterday, just my legacy. Today I will be focusing on my other families, so tonight I will try to get another post done, if anything exciting happens. But until then…I will leave you with some random pics I may or may not have posted before.




Degg-Degg! Shall we meet again….


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