SimFest and Others

Over in Starlight Shores, where my Lincoln family lives, a few things went on today. First, their baby grew up to a toddler:

aw shoot. I snapped it to soon.

Then Mysty went to a SimFest at the Park. She also performed at the Fest and of course, she won!

First up was a NPC sim- Rotate Fretless. (That’s what the proprietor of the park said, wait till you see the NPC’s stage name that’s up after Mystic Ice [Mysty]!)


Next up, my girl, Mysty or Mystic Ice

After her, was Hunt the Cacophonus ( told ya…)

The ole dude has got some moves…now…

Like I said, my girl won the SimFest. The other two didn’t stand a chance.

“Muah…Muah…Muah! Thank you to all my adoring fans!”

The first dude was a vampire. We all know what happens when they are out in the sun for too long…or it could of been he just fainted from my girls awesome performance…

Her hubby Ricky performed at a concert for the locals.

Nope, couldn’t get in to see it…bummer. Stupid rabbit holes anyways…

My next stop was in Hidden Springs, where I spent some time with my Misfit Friends family. Lots of stuff going on there. Going to be some drama hitting the fan and turmoil in the home. Davon and Nick both got jobs, and well that leaves defenseless-airhead Magdilyn home to fight off Chic, the womanizer. Well, she became Chic’s first victim in his quest to fulfill his dream of having 10 girlfriends.

Nice move, Chic. Warm her up by giving her flowers.

A little complimentary flirt..

Then the “friendly hug”…

A little rub to the back…

Then bam! He comes in for the kill with a little smooch. ( He’s got the moves)

Keeping things on the DL, Chic played it cool towards Maggie for the rest of the day. He even went out for supper with the boys and then they all met up at MJ’s Place to dance the night away.

Here are Chic and Nick having a pillow fight, in Davon’s room. Poor guy was trying to get some sleep!

The next day, while two of the boy’s were at work, Maggie took a class in writing, as she wants to be a writer, then a cooking class and Chic went and got a tatoo.

And th-th-that’s all folks! Uh-huh…uh-huh…uh-huh. Catch ya all tomorrow…same time…different channel. V PEACE V


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