What is Wrong with that Child!

Those are the words, I could picture my mommy sim, Tryp saying about her teenage sister (that she is raising), after she gets hauled home in the squad car. Not just once, mind you, but twice! The first night, she got busted being out after curfew + doorbell prank. That warranted not just one uniform to show up…but two, check it out!

approaching the victims home

making the get away

running to hide

scoping out the damage from behind a bush, why she ran behind the house, I have no idea. (those crazy silly sim teens anyway)

And there you go. The two squad cars for lil ole Syndey. She is such a bad girl.. >:o

But the fireworks didn’t start til she arrived home and sis was waiting for her….

I can picture the sim words sounding like this:”What is the matter with you! I don’t have time for your stupid shit, young lady! Your *bleep*in grounded!” Luckily for her, the next day was Sunday. And after she cleaned up the house, did the laundry, tended to her lil nephew, Davon. Tryp let her off the hook, on grounds of “good behavior”. ( Wish it was that easy when I was a teenager, millions of years ago..)

So guess what she does next! After school on Monday, and she makes the honor roll, Tryp gives her a car. So she invites some friends out and what do ya know….she gets busted for staying out past curfew….again! I didn’t get pictures of the cops busting her at the restaurant, as I was busy at the house tending to the rest of the clan. But here is some of her and a some of her friends. Oh and her and her car.

Must be nice to get a car for making the honor roll! Wonder what she’ll get when she graduates!

Out between the bookstore and the movie theater, gabbing

and another.

(again in plain english translated) “I just don’t know what to do with you! Can’t you stay out of trouble for once, Sydney!”

“you’re grounded, indefinitely young lady! Now go to bed!” “But Lisa is outside!” “I’ll send her home, don’t you worry. Goodnight!”

So she goes to school the next day, and gets reamed when she gets home for sneaking out!

“That’s it young lady, no more tv for you!”

“But I just went to school! I didn’t sneak out of the house.” “Don’t you back talk me!”


But really now folks. She went to school! Really! I followed the bus!

The Lunar family is the only family I played today. I just couldn’t break away! I wanted to see what other kind of trouble this young lady could find herself in.  Could she be a bad role model for the young impressionable Jada?

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings….




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