The Goings on in The Misfit Friends Family

I introduced another family that I created and the house I built for them. Nick Harlow, Magdilyn Lopez, Davon Lawrence and Chic Hubert. There is a new member to this clan, J Newbie.(She is my uploaded avi on The Sims 3 Community-My Page). She has hit it off mighty well with this group and has fit right in.

Here is what went on today with them.

an extra lounge room below J’s bedroom

I took a pic of J’s bedroom from outside to be able to show the most of how her room is designed


I add a pool and hot tub plus outdoor activity stuff for the boys.

Davon and Chic tossing the ball around

J in her Dodge Charger and Maggie are heading out for a girls night out.

First a movie, then

off to Mike’s Karaoke Bar to do, what else…

sing karaoke

Then it was off to home, after several rounds of karaoke and drinks.

Across town….

The boys all went out to get their groove on at MJ’s Place and to get some eats and drinks.

Then it is off to home for some drink induced sleep.

The boys beat the girls home! What a bunch of lightweights…

That’s about all I got done, besides Nick and Davon going to work. Davon is up to level 3 in his athletic skill and J will be starting her new job in business. Maggie brushed up on her writing skill and will be starting her first novel. And Chic, well…he’s still putting the moves on Maggie.



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