Inside the Lincoln Home

Ha! Not what you thought this post was going to be on. No…it’s not about a look into Abraham Lincoln’s home. But now that you’re here, why not take a gander at seeing inside the Rickie and Mysty Lincoln home and what they did during today’s game play.

Aw…sisterly love…

Joylynn playing Peek-a-boo with baby brother

Hmmm. That mysterious moving mop, again.

Not to fear, it was just one of the twin’s imaginary friend cleaning the puddle, how nice.

Marisol and Mysty having a chat while watching the tube

Marisol and her imaginary friend chatting- plans for world denomination

Rickie attended a friends party and look! Ain’t it cool that in game NPC’s deco their homes with stuff from the game?

Mysty went to the coffeehouse and performed for tips. Her family showed up to watch.

Afterwards they went for a late night snack before heading home

Mysty also auditioned for another gig, at a private venue

The twins will be growing up to teenagers here in a day or two, when I decide to play them again. It will be three day’s till baby grows up to a child.


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