Date Night and Group Outing

I managed to get in some game play during the day today, as I won’t be getting in any tonight. I played my Misfit Friends Family. Nick, Chic, Devon, Magdylynn and J. Here is what went on during that game play.

Nick sneaked into Maggie’s bedroom to gaze at himself her mirror. Why I don’t know. He has two mirrors of his own!!

While that was going on, Maggie was cleaning the house and Chic was playing on the computer, Devon hustled J outside. He flirted, grossed her out, then flirted some more before finally getting the guts up to ask her out on a date.

this is her accepting the date part.

Their date consisted of him taking her to Redwood Peak Viewing Area, where they watched the stars, he flirted some more, confessed he REALLY liked her and because he tipped toed around, it was J who landed the first kiss on Devon. (she just plain got tired of him beatin around the bush and got it done)

Check out Chic’s expression of the flowers on the table. LOL! I thought this was great!

I can’t figure out if he is shocked they are there or by their beauty! ROFL!

The next day, they all climbed into Chic’s Escalade and headed up to Louie Falls. Where they sat around a fire pit, roasted marshmallows, had a group photo done and then set off fireworks.



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