Right now…this is my mood.



It should be like this

and after a few hours of playing The Sims, my mood SHOULD of been this


All should of been right with the world. But NOOOOOO. It’s never that easy with The Sims. First, when I went to launch it, it kept telling me to insert the disk. Stupid game….the freakin disk was in the drive, never was removed! Annnnd, I fell for it…again. I CHECKED! HA!!  Stupid human instincts anyway. So I searched for a fix. YEAH RIGHT!  Next step, I restarted my computer. Launched my game again. HEY it launched…YAY, right? WRONG! It FROZE this time. Had to do a hard shut down and turn my computer on AGAIN. Launched it, third time is a charm, right? It launched! BUT, I never did get to see if the game was going to run. Geez, this is the fourth day in a row that I haven’t been able to get my sim fix. GRRRAAAAR!


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