If You’re Out There…

Molavesko, PLEASE don’t give up without a fight! You have been wronged by EA and they NEED TO CORRECT THEIR MISTAKE!

On my other blog, the one for my legacy, I was looking at posts made by bloggers that I frequent. I ran across this one, and it really upset me tremendously. Why is it that bullies and liars can get away with so much fucking shit! (pardon my language, but this is how upset and mad I am!!!!!) This simmer was/IS one of the friendliest, loving, honest people I know, and would not do whatever this other simmers say’s she did! Some people just need to get over themselves and realize their shit ain’t that creative nor are THEY that freakin SPECIAL! (again, sorry for my language)

I will be checking my blog again, the other one, and if I am subscribed to these simmers, I won’t be after today!

Unfortunately, she has also removed her blog…so I have to remove her from both of mine now. Hope someday she comes back, and looks me up.


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