Thought I Would…

Get more game time in, but we have a bad t-storm heading our way, so I shut ‘er down for the night. Don’t want to take any chance in getting a lot accomplished just to have the power go out. But I did get some major game play in for today. I spent my entire time with just one family, The Lunar’s. Here is what went on in that family…

Sydney went to the prom, by herself, was crowned Queen and started a relationship with a fellow classmate.

Both Tryp and Sydney used the deep fryer for some yummy greasy food

corn dog

I’ve had the Not So Routine Machine in my game for a while now and just never used it…until today

getting ready to use it

the shower thingy spins!

It whips you into your clothes and then…

teleports you to where ever you want to go

in this case it teleported Sydney to school

I just had to get a close up of this face she was making


Jada grew up to a teenage and so did her imaginary friend

Sydney, was caught being a great aunt, and taught Josh to walk

Saw this cute little bird

And I didn’t get these in, The Not So Routine Machine, even feeds you! Looks kinda rough way to eat tho, the dish gets slammed into your face!

And that’s it for today. Tomorrow is another day, but that remains to be seen if I’ll get any gaming in.





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