Gaze Into my…

Hypnotizer! I played my legacy family today and while playing and getting shots for the story line, I had a little bit of fun. I had BJ hypnotize one of his friends. I’ve had this in my game and just plain forgot all about it.

I want you to gaze at the spiral thingy…dude why you have that dumbfounded look on yo face!

I command you to…


…act like a chicken!

…wet yourself!

Dude, I didn’t REALLY want you to wet yoself. Just act like it!

The rest of the pic’s I took today are for my legacy. Sorry. I have to wonder tho…how well this hypnotizer would work at a magician’s show. Hmmm. Just may have to give it a try and see if I can control the audience. BWAHAHAHAHA. One step closer to world denomination, even if it is through the sims. hahaha.


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