Casting Spells, Super Napping, Domino’s, Date

Those are just a few things that took place in my game today. First up is the Lunar family, here is a highlight of today’s events.

Jada learned how to cast the “summon” spell and the “mood” one, with the Lady Ravendancer Goth’s book o spells

Sydney did her homework on the Tablet while dad (Judd) and mom (Tryp) played Domino’s

Then Sydney took a power snooze in the Sharper Sims Super Sleeper

There is a new bundle of joy on his/her way! Kurt is the newest member to the family.

Then it was off to the Misfit family.

Here the fivesome are boogieing it down at  New Orleans Voodoo Bar and Grill

The next night, Chic asked Maggie out on a date. (He had an agenda)

First stop…dinner at the Bistro

Then it was off to some dancing at MJ’s Place

Last stop was the lookout. Where as the sun was beginning to rise over Hidden Springs, he proposed marriage

That about covers it for today. Hope you enjoyed the hightlights from today’s game.  See ya!






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