Mother’s Day 2012

Yes, even my Sims celebrated mother’s day.

The Lunar family celebrating their mom, by helping with baby Kurt and toddler Davon, cleaning the house and letting mom have a nap in the Sharper Sims Super Sleeper and having a late picnic at the park and setting off fireworks.

Then the Misfit friends all called their mom to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.

J called her mom after work

Devon called his mom after work

Nick called his mom

Chic called his

And so did Maggie, (who also told her mom about getting engaged)

The Shaw family celebrated by Marcus wishing Margo a Happy Mother’s Day and cooking out on the grill. Yummy Tofu Dog’s was on the menu.

Margo also got a call from her best friend, wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day

The Glass-Lincoln family did what many families that have a celebrity as a mom. Gave her presents.

Mysty received a BMW and flowers from hubby- Rickie

and hugs and paintings from twins Marisol and Joylynn

As for me, I received a Irish Prayer ring and flowers from my hubby, a charm bracelet from 4 of my grand babies, and cards.

If you are a mom, I hope you had a wonderful relaxing day.




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