It’s A Boy!

Finally got some game time in tonight. I played a family that I haven’t played in quite some time, the Shaw family, Marcus, Margo, Mathew and newest addition Mark. (Yeah, I see the pattern there. If she would of had a girl I was planning on naming her Mandy.)

Recap to tonight’s play…

(Sorry no pic’s for these)

  • Marcus reached level 8 in his riding
  • Kalipso, Marcus’s horse, also reached level 8 in his racing
  • Margo reached level 8 in her cooking skill, completed her lifetime wish for being a culinary librarian and earned a cooking achievement
  • Wind Whisper, offspring of Kalipso and Saddie, reached level 1 in jumping
  • Saddie, Margo’s horse, reached level 5 in her racing skill
  • Mathew reached level 3 in both logic and music through toy activities

And now some pics! Only a couple, bummer.

Marcus taught Mathew how to talk, yay!

Baby Mark was born



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