The Old and The New

I did some before and after shots of the Hobart home. I played some, still no baby. This isn’t doing my quest for that darn badge any favors. They better start popping out those baby sims and soon!!!

Anyway, if you’re familiar with Twinbrooks, then you may recognize this home. It happens to be my only favorite in that town and the last family I played that had 10 children (before I got fed up, played God and deleted them) lived in this very home. ((O.O)) I hope that isn’t an omen! That father was also in the military career AND the mom wanted a house full of children! If they start off with a son then daughter then another son, then twins and so forth, I may begin to think that, that family is haunting me and it won’t be just a mere co-winkie-dink.

Here is the home before and after shots.

And if your memory has come flooding back of this home by now, remember that upstairs bathroom? It was huge yet didn’t have a toilet! Of all things to not be in a home…So I put one in and changed that bathroom a bit. Take a look at the new improved upstairs bathroom, same colors but it’s definitely been modified.

Okay. So there you have the old home in Twinbrooks and the remodeled/modified home in Twinbrooks. I’m off to play my game now and maybe by my next post, Babette will either have had a baby or be prego!


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