My Quest Has Been Saved! =D

WOOHOO! Babette finally got pregnant! I was beginning to wonder if it was at all possible to make infertile Sims! 0.O  While I was playing my game today, right after she had their first child, a son who is named Bryce, she wanted to have another one right away. Charlise is the newest member to the family now.

Here are some re-cap shots from today:

The proud parents to be: Babette and Charlie

Daddy-to-be, feeling the little one

Look my Sims are both dreaming of the little on the way

Bryce is born


Bryce turned grew up to a toddler, here he is with dad and mom is teaching him to talk and dad reading him a bedtime story

Uh Oh. I really don’t think it was  the pancakes (as you can see, she got prego right after Bryce was born)

Proud parents to be of baby #2

Charlise is born

Oh, I almost forgot! I added a fence around the lot today too.



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