Just Some Good Ole R-N-R

Had my nerves just shot yesterday evening, there was no concentrating on playing my game. Any other time I need a stress reliever, my game usually calms me…that wasn’t the case yesterday, tho. Today, however, well I got some game time in and even tho my nerves were still a little raw when I started…I’m all better now. I feel much more relaxed and well maybe not so much rested as lot went on during game play. I tackled two families today, first one I played a little bit of my legacy family trying to close up this current chapter I’m on, then it was off to my 15 babies badge challenge. Check out what went on in The Hobart family.

First, Bryce learned how to walk, while dad took Charlise out for a stroller ride. Dad taught him how to talk.

Then mom and dad took some time to themselves and went down by the waterfront.

Then both babies grew up, Bryce to a child and Charlise to a toddler

Dad and Bryce spent some bonding time playing ball while mom taught Charlise how to talk. Dad kept throwing the ball to hard tho…

Before playing ball, Bryce tried out his driving skills on the living room couch

Oh…hope that up-chucking in the toilet is due to eating rotten food…

Sports time with the boys

Well, baby no. 3 is on his or her way. Mom headed to the hospital for some medical advice

And Bryce had his first day at school

The other pics I took were for my legacy…but I’ll give a lil sneak peek and show a couple of them.

Do you know who this young man is?




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