10 More To Go!

In my quest to fulfill the 15 babies badge, my family just had triplets! All girls, Matilda Ray, Lianna May and Hailey.  I was able to play a little bit before work stepped in and I had to call it quits for the night. So here we go…on to what I was able to accomplish in my game tonight.

My goodness Babette is huge! And she is always making something to eat! Thank goodness The Sims 3 sims aren’t like The Sims 2 sims. She’d be overweight in less than 1 sim hour!

The baby is coming! Little did I know it was 3 babies coming! Imagine my surprise…

Dad spending time with Charlise

And I thought this was just a wee bit creepy. My guy, Charlie, called for a sitter while he took Babette to the hospital. Look what the babysitter decided to do!

She’s relaxing in the bed that my little boy is sleeping in! What is wrong with these sims anyways! That was just wrong no matter how you look at it!

And then I got called away from my game. 😦  Well maybe I’ll have better luck tomorrow. My quest got a major boost thanks to the triplets, but I was kinda hoping she wouldn’t of had them this quick. I didn’t do anything special, like listen to the kids station on the radio and tv at the same time. The only thing I did was give both Babette and Charlie the fertility trait. I do hope the next time she gets pregnant, it’s just a single baby, for now anyways.



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