Never Leave Your Game UnPaused

Every since Showtime came out, when I start my game and select the family I want to play, it never starts out paused.  So last night when I started my game up, decided to play a little of my Legacy family, I had to step away. 15 minutes later when I was able to return, I had forgot that it was running and not paused. And well, lets just say my legacy family had some fun…and I don’t care to know WHAT kind of fun they had. Here is one pic I took.

BJ claims to be thinking about football, Billy (dad) is eating deep fried ice cream, Ashton learned a cooking skill on a toy oven that I didn’t even have in my house! Figure that one out. And they are all running around, well except Billy and Serenity (she was still sleeping) in their undies! *not in the pic is Ashton and BJ’s fiance’ Patty, who was also running around in her bra and undies. I didn’t think she was there when I quit playing, but she very well could of been. I just hope she didn’t do ANYTHING with ANYONE she shouldn’t have and comes out prego from it! That’ll sure put a monkey wrench in my story! And not in a good way…*

Need to catch up on my Legacy? Better hurry up, after the chapter I’m working on is published the final chapter to Serenity’s life may be coming to a close. You can find it at:  Hope to see you there!


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