New KP Sweet Treat Pack

After calling just about every GameStop store in Louisiana, I was finally able to track down the new stuff pack for The Sims 3. Katy Perry Sweet Treats pack. I told a sim friend of mine that I would probably NEVER put the cupcake bra on ANY of my female sims. But I just had to, more for the giggles I got out of it. So now I’m going to share them with you. Hopefully you will get just as much entertainment out of them as my hubby and I did.

First up is the famous cupcake bra. ( my hubby made a comment about lasers shooting out) and then there’s the peppermint candy bra. Yeah…no. I will never humiliate my female sims ever again by sporting these concoctions. What the heck was Katy thinking! I like the red shorts, they are okay. The other ones tho…I don’t think my girls will be sporting these baby’s around out in public. Not unless I can match them with a different top. We shall see on those.

Moving on to the hairstyles that came with this stuff pack. Again…yeah. I don’t see my gals wearing these unless it’s halloween and it’s a part of their costume.  The middle one looks like something King Titan from the Little Mermaid would wear, minus the ice cream cone. And the poofy hair? I don’t want my gals to walk around looking like they stuck their finger in a light socket.

So you’re probably wondering why did I bother to spend the money on this pack if I’m just going to make fun of some of the things.  Simple… BECAUSE I WANTED TO.  And I didn’t buy it to knock down Katy Perry. I happen to think she is a wonderful artist, I happen to love several of her songs, and I have just about every ep and sp that has come out for The Sims 3, and I’m not going to stop. Plus there are some things that I do plan on putting in my game and wear on my female sims. All in all…it was well worth the 30.00 buck-a-roo’s I spent on it.


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