Some Good Ole Game Play

After putting my new stuff pack in, I did get some game play in last night and tonight, which consisted of posing, creating, building. The posing shots were with a new girl I created and used her to update my FaceBook timeline cover photo. Next in line is to update my profile pic but I’m still not sure on how I want to do that one yet.

Here is my FB timeline pic

Last night I uploaded to The Sims 3 exchange these items

Femininely Fine Futon

Manly Man Futon

Futon ( yeah, no fancy name for this one. Couldn’t think of one. Brain Fart! )

Sundae couch ( actually I should of said something more like “The wild sundae couch”)

And another sundae couch. This one is more for like a little girls room or maybe even a teen girls room or hang out room or whatever.

Now on to some game play from last night.

I spent time with my Lunar family. Now I don’t remember this happening when I left the game or family, but apparently Tryp (mom) is prego again. Imagine my surprise when she just suddenly got up and “boop” out pops her belly!

See the little baby bulge? Baby #5 and she wants another boy! ( This isn’t my 15 babies or children challenge family that I’m doing. She just wanted another baby! Crazy sim woman, what is she thinking!)

And Davon, grew up to a child

Kurt grew up to a toddler

And this is another shot of the same pose, different angle, to the one I used in my timeline. (I like the other one better)

That about covers it. Hoping to get in a little more game tonight, maybe take some shots of the house I built for my new gal, and maybe drop in on my legacy family get a little closer to the end of the chapter I’m currently working on. I’ve dragged the ending chapters out a little, I hate to see her die, I’ve had such a grand time writing about her life. But all things must come to an end eventually, even for my sims. 😥  I’m not sure if I will continue with one of her sons or just venture off in a different angle and just make it about all the sim families I have and what goes on in their daily lives.

As for now…I hope you have a wonderful weekend and sim, sim, sim away!


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