Well This Really Blows

As I went to save my game tonight, I got that error 12 message. Which means something was/is bad. Now I haven’t put in any new CC in my game for quite awhile and it worked just fine…before installing the newest stuff pack. THAT FIGURES! Luckily I knew what to do, unfortunately, now I get to do it all over again when I play that family! YA ME!!!!  The family I had this unexpected problem is with my Hobart family, they are the young couple on a quest to have 15 children. To many problems with them tho…and IT’S OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! Well, no, not really. I’ll just play God and delete them. Sounds mean, I know.

Anyway, during my game play before I ended up having to not save my progress, which is now enabling me to have to redo everything I did tonight, here is what will happen when I play them tomorrow. (Providing everything goes okay and I don’t get that error message again, which will then lead me to just eliminating them)

Charlise learned how to walk and dad took care of the twins while Babette was busy with Charlise

Then Charlise grew up to a child, I didn’t get that pic, but I did happen to take one where her eyes did this weird thing. Only one of them is crossed!

that is just creepy

Then the twins grew up to toddlers

Lianna May


And Matilda Ray

Charlie (dad) was promoted to level 7 in the Military Career. Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to get a family pic of all of them. 10 more babes to go to reaching that goal. I’m also going to send the two oldest off to boarding school just to make it a little easier to tend to the family. Once I get the toddlers trained in walking, talking and potty…work will begin on baby #6 or #’s 6 and 7 or #’s 6,7,8. (If not before, and once the first set of twins reach child hood, off to boarding school for them too.)

But for now…I bid you a-do and say goodnight.


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