Just a Coincidence? You decide

As I was playing my game today, which I might want to add was some serious game play goin on, I had something happen that I have been waiting for ever since I installed Pets. I have seen other simmers report spotting this creature and have spent hours of game play searching and searching and searching. Hoping  that night (or day) of play would be the lucky sighting one. Never happened. Then…tonight, while playing my family that I put Pitbull in, it happened. Coincidence? I put a famous persons sim in my game and…WA-LA! Unicorn appears! I got so dang excited, I had to searched for the mysterious mythical creature. I finally was able to zone in on were he/she was.

First picture of the unicorn, I thought they were always white? This one is actually black. Here he/she is producing some sort of magical plant.

Now, I couldn’t resist. I had the cheat, testingcheatsenabled, on and well, I added the beauty to my family. Just because I wanted to see what all this creature could or would do.

I followed it while it was running and it had sparkles behind it, then I had it teleport, and then I had it light a bush on fire. Oops. It wouldn’t extinguish the fire as it kept getting that thought bubble of “can’t get there”, so I had to wake my girl up and send her out to extinguish the fire as it was now spreading into the other bushes! Geez I could of burnt Sunset Valley down for cryin out loud! What a mess I almost created there. Wouldn’t that be the first tho? Don’t worry, I’m not going to try it…burn Sunset Valley or any sim worlds down via a unicorn.

So after my girl battled the wild fire, she feed the unicorn, petted it then went off to work. I then sent the unicorn to my home. Where Pitbull now resides. He hugged the unicorn, then got nuzzled in return and blessed. (oh I also cheated and made them all besties)

Later that night, the unicorn sniffed, nuzzled and blessed Landie. She gave him/her a hug. And then I returned the unicorn back to the wild, which I was prompted to decide if I really wanted to do that. I actually hesitated for a minute. Did I really want to return this beautiful creature back to the wild and never see it again or keep him/her? I clicked the check mark and sent him/her on their way back home to the other unicorns. 😥

All the excitement from that wore me out! Not really. I did do much more game play. Landie was Christopher Steele’s girl. That was until I threw Armando into their world. Guess he felt he couldn’t deal with such sexy smoothness. He broke up with her…setting the stage for Armando (Pitbull) to step in and lend those nice strong shoulders. Now I don’t believe for one minute the real one would ever do such things, but hey this is a game, and all is fair game in the land of sims.  Armando asked Landie out on a first date, it went so well that he asked her to be his number one gal. She accepted of course…who wouldn’t!

Date night which involved dinner and a party

Wonder why they sat at different tables! Weird.

Then after the date came the proposal of being girlfriend/boyfriend

Then it was time to get down to business. Getting Armando a job. Off to the coffee shop to sign up for a singers career. Then it was time to warm up the vocals, warm up the crowd and make a few simoleons on the side. Of course, Landie is right there by his side.

performing very first sing-o-gram!

Singing karaoke in between sing-o-gram gigs, then doing another tips performance. All that hard work singing his heart out, and he is now a level 2 singer! Landie was so proud of him, she gave him a car.

Here are a few shots from the other night also.

I rearranged Sunset Valley a bit. I added the pool, hangout and park from the newest pack.

Landie and Agnes Crumplebottom didn’t hit it off at all

she sang karaoke with a  best friend

Attended a party, hmmm. Thorton is flirting with Jamie. His wife was also at the party…


And that’s it. Have a great evening/day. See ya! Peace out, be safe and take care.





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