Things that make you go…((0.0))

I have always had some of the wackiest, craziest statements pop up in that little box in the upper right hand corner of my game screen. So, today as I was playing my legacy family trying to get those last minute photo’s and venturing one in the day-s, jotting down anything out of the ordinary that I may want to add to the story line…I had sent the youngest son, Ashton, off to the prom…stag. It’s probably a good thing, as what you’re about to read next probably wouldn’t of pleased any “date” he may have taken. (Oh and the prom thingy didn’t make it into the story, so that’s why I’m sharing it here)

((0.0)) In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Ashton is the youngest SON of my legacy family. I bet he WAS mortified! Good gracious.

Oh boy.

Well, after all the humiliation that went on, at least his classmates looked past it and nominated him Prom King.

And so far my game play has just consisted of playing my legacy family and getting that story finished. Although I’ve enjoyed playing and writing the story line…I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT TO BE DONE! It’s getting harder and harder to come up with chapter titles as the story goes on.  Here is a sneak peek into the current chapter I’m working on:

The next morning…

“Hello” the superintendent said on the other end, “Is this, Mrs. Caspian?” “Yes, this is she” said Serenity. “Ma’m, I’m calling from Riverview High, your son, Billy-Jaque, has pranked my office, by stringing it with toilet paper. I’m sorry to inform you of this matter and hoping that we can work together to come to a solution to his, well disobedient behavior.”

“Leave me alone, BJ! I’m going to tell mom on you!” Ashton shouted at BJ. “Oh pooh hoo. The little cry baby is going to tattle on me. I’m soooo scared!”

Oh one more thing I want to add. In case anyone is offended by my reaction to the game statements? I’m NOT ANTI-GAY! I happen to have some friends who are and to be honest, I’d rather have them as a friend than some of the other friends I do have…I don’t judge anyone by the way they live their lives. If that’s what makes you happy…then damn-it, be HAPPY! Those statements from my game just caught me off guard, is all and they were kinda funny.



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