Who’s Up for More Sims!

Me…Me…Me!  Actually the following is from last nights gaming. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. A day old and a dollar short, but I planned it this way. You see, my first plan was to leave my friends vid up long enough for people to get the direct link to it instead of having to search through the archives (which can be a pain in the ARSE! if you know what I mean), second plan was to wait until today/tonight to post because I knew I wasn’t going to get any game time in today. How did I know this? Simple! I put off to today what I could of got done yesterday because my game was saying sublimely to me…”PLAY ME…PLAY ME…PLAY ME”. So I obliged. Third plan…well, there really was/is no third plan, to be honest.

So here is what happened last night in my furious 3 hour session!

Pitbull is now a level 4 singer he auditioned for his first gig and performed not at his best ability. Oh hell. Everyone has their day’s right?

Then he went to see a SimFest at the Port-a-Pot  Warehouse, afterwards he scored some simoleons by performing for tips

And here are the two love birds. Armando and Landie. No, they aren’t married yet…not even engaged. Haven’t gotten that far with their relationship.

In case you’re wondering, I fooled around with lighting when editing this pic.  I also have a couple short vid’s from in game of Pit performing for tips and at his first gig. But I’m not done editing those yet. Hey! There’s my third plan…figuring out how to upload that to here without putting it to YouTube first!

Thought I had gotten more pic’s from last nights game. Guess I didn’t. Well that’ll be all for now then. Ta-ta!

Oh…before I publish this, there is one more little itty bitty thing. My legacy, All in a Sims Day, well I’m sorry to say that it will be coming to a close here within the next few weeks. So if you haven’t read any of it or aren’t caught up with it lately…now might be a good opportunity to catch up. I’m not sure what I will do once the final chapter is written and published. You can find it here, if you aren’t familiar with my legacy story. http://mamajanaynay.blogspot.com



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