Visit to New Orleans

While my daughter, Rachael, was here visiting us in Louisiana, we went on a Ghost and Vampire tour through the French Quarter. Here are a few pictures I took from that tour and on our visit to New Orleans.

These first few are of downtown N.O. and the Super dome

Heading into the French Quarter

Didn’t get the shot I wanted, but this was a Dude wearing a bra and skirt. Pretty scary sight, that was…

On to the bank of the mighty Mississippi. Here is one of the silver men you will find setting up stage in the French Quarter. This one just did poses. Here is my daughter Emily’s boyfriend Eric striking a pose with the silver man.

They made a pretty good team, wouldn’t you say?

Now, for that tour. As interesting as the theme may have sounded, I found it to be a bit of a disappointment as we didn’t actually get to “go into” any of the famously haunted places. Bummer!!!  But anyways, the one that interested me the most was the last place on the tour. It is of a home that wraps around one street and onto another. It was a home previously owned by none other than Nicholas Cage who bought it for 3.5 million and then sold it for a cool 2.5 million. It has a dark secret that involves horrific crimes against slaves owned by the family who first owned the home. It is said to be haunted by the Mrs. and  a female slave. It is three stories tall with a court yard in the center of it. Like I said, we didn’t get to enter into any of these reportedly haunted places, especially this one as it is privately owned.

After the tour broke down and everyone who was along went our own ways, on our way back to the center of the French Quarter, we ran into this. The court yard lights shone on the statue in the center and it cast a shadow on the wall to the back side of the Church. I found it interesting and a little chilling at the same time.


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