Lucky Palms

Getting back to my game now. I purchased the new world made by TS 3 crew- Lucky Palms the Gold Edition. This one came with the casino. Time to make those sims blow all their money and become gamblers!

Here’s a little tour I put together of Lucky Palms.

This is the bistro, here you can eat outside, inside, attend a cooking class, get a job and become a 5 star chef. My gal just went to learn to cook.

Next I sent her to the casino.

Here is the lobby

Then I sent her into the gambling room to try her hand on one of the many Blackjack tables


LOSING, I’d cry too if I put up 1,000 simoleons and lost! (well I think she more like put up 100, but still!)

Then I made her stop before she did lose it all and this little message popped up. Hey she won some of what she gambled!

Um, I’m pretty sure she didn’t come out that far ahead.

Next she sauntered over to the slot machines. I love slot machines, much better at winning myself, but she didn’t fair so well.



o.* I think she was getting ready to open up a can of whoop ass on this machine. Time to make her stop.

Then this message popped up

0.O  Congratulations? Really? Gambling skill level 1? Really??????

On to another spot in Lucky Palms.

This is some dive place called Sand something or another

Not much happening here, let’s move on

I sent her out to get some food as she was pert near starving to death, and the next thing that would of happened is she would of tilted her head back and pointed to her mouth and exclaimed, “Zo hungwah” (so hungry). No kidding, I never would of guessed by the gestures.

After she stuffed her face with who knows what she ordered, I sent her home as she was tired. Tomorrow I will take you to the wishing well. Can’t wait to see what kind of wishes they can make there.

Now I’d like to show you the house I built her. Oh and her name is Krista Mellody.

This is a birds eye view of Lucky Palms

And last but not least, this is Krista in some outfits I put to the exchange

I don’t know why I didn’t get the back view of the last two dresses, The Phoenix one has that pattern all over and same with the white one.

But that’s it for today. See ya!




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