The Wishing Well

After a couple days of  not being able to near my game (thanks to my 14 year old who has suddenly found herself wanting to play my game also) I was able to get some time in on my families. In one day, 13 hours of non-stop gaming, I played 3 of my 5 families, uninstalled two of my expansion packs ONLY due to I ran out of memory ((0.O)), I finally got a pic of my gal at the wishing well in Lucky Palms.

Here is Krista making a wish for…what else….MOOLA or in sim language, simoleons!

Her wish came true…see the little fairies and the coins falling?

She also joined the stylist profession and her co-worker happens to be Darren Dreamer (from TS2, for anyone who isn’t familiar with those families) Anywho, Darren and her have hit it off so well, that they went out on a date and…well, my girl made the first move. She gave him a kiss.

I just had to get these. The sun rising over Lucky Palms

(yeah, I forgot to put the walls and roof up when getting this shot, m’bad)

And this is the sun setting. It looked like the stream in front of her house is on fire

Then it was off to my home of Armando and Landie.  Let’s check in and see what they have been up to.

A  good ole pillow fight is always fun to do for some bonding time

Here Armando is working hard at advancing in his singing career by delivering a sing-o-gram

What’s this? Two vamp’s passed out? When will they ever learn that the sun is not their friend!

Striking a pose for a fan

Doing a little performing for tips in between sing-o-grams

Then I spotted this at a party he was invited to.  The Oh so famous cupcake bra strikes again!

The third family I played, was my Legacy family. Sorry no sneak peeks this time around, but Chapter 14 is about finished.

This next picture is of my daughters family. Um…I’m a little embarrassed here. I don’t know their names! But they are enjoying a date night before baby comes.

And that’s all she wrote folks. Till next time…Peace out, be safe and take care.




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