I Owe Someone a Huge Apology!

That someone is The Sims 3 team. It wasn’t their patch that caused me all the grief I experienced last night with my game. I AM SO SORRY!  I have never had any problems in the past with the patches that have come through, but I wasn’t sure if it was the patch, the new stuff pack (if it was defective) or what was going on. Turns out it wasn’t any of the above. It was a core mod that I had in my game that had caused me all the grief and wreaked havoc to my game! In the past, through the other countless patches that have come down the line, I have never experienced any problems with my mods/CC.  How did I determine that it was this? Just read below.

4:30 pm Wednesday, July 11, 2012 – proceeded to uninstall Diesel stuff pack. Pulled out mods, saves ( my family’s), DCbackup folders.

4:32 pm – uninstalled Diesel stuff pack, restarted my system, checked my C drive EA folders for any residual game

5:00 pm –  re-installed Diesel stuff pack. opened up my sims 3 folder, cut and pasted my saves file and DCbackup back into my game folder, cleared the cache files, launched my game. Loaded up one of my family’s, checked the buy mode. Everything came up. Awesome!

5:30 pm – shut down my game. Proceeded to Mod the Sims to re-download the main framework for the mods folder and re-installed the mods folder. Opened up the old mods folder and cut and pasted all my CC back into my game. This time, however, I left out my core and slider mods.

5:45 pm- cleared the cache files again. Launched my game, opened that same family, opened the buy mode. Everything was there again. Great!

6:15 pm – 9:30 pm – was spent cleaning out my cache files (repeatedly), putting in my core mods, sliders, launching the game, opening the buy mode. Everything kept coming up, FANTASTIC!

All that just to find out ONE of my core mods was the culprit. In order for me to put it back in my game, the creator of the mod needs to update it to match the current version of my game. It isn’t one that I’m really concerned about and it really isn’t a big deal if I have it or not. It was just cool to have.

In case anyone else experiences this problem or you get this message –

It looks like you have installed an unofficial game modification that does not match your current version of The Sims 3. We recommend that you either uninstall these game modifications or get updated versions of them – otherwise you may experience crashes or significant bugs. Do you want to quit?

I was getting this message, I just kept clicking continue and nothing would happen. No crashing, no glitches, nothing…until that new patch came out.

Here are the links I used to get my game back on track:





But no time for playing games. It’s time to do my nightly housecleaning and then it’s off to beddy-by for me. Night all. I’m most definitely pretty sure I’ll be dreaming of my mods, CC, store items, game items, etc…AGAIN TONIGHT!

And NOT wanting to do this!


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