What is he saying?

So I know I should be concentrating on getting my legacy finished, it’s almost done just a few more pic’s needed for Chapter 14 and then the final chapter. Or will it be?

Anywho. I have just been having so much fun playing my family in Lucky Palms! I absolutely LOVE this world! I did play some of my legacy family today. Things just aren’t lining up right to get the story line to sync. Frustrating. I gave up and continued my play with a family I knew would be fun.  I had some strange advice given to my girl, Krista, and her live in boyfriend, Darren (who by the way is a single male in Lucky Palms. AND his wife,er- dead wife that is- is alive in Lucky Palms! So the game makers want us to believe. But is she really? There is a Darlene in Lucky Palms, but her real name is Darlene Matlapin. Could she be the real Mrs Darlene Dreamer from TS2? Well apparently the makers think she is or should be cause little did I know that she is Darren’s romantic interest!) Geez louise!  Anyway, if that don’t throw a monkey wrench in the good ole apple pie of drama in the Sims- I don’t know what can! Hey that just gave me an idea! ***Leaves to go jot down newly discovered ideas to ponder on***

So, as I was saying. Krista asked her Butler, Emilio, for some advice. Not exactly sure on the question, but here is the answer.

Now I’m going to go out on a limb here with a wild guess. She must of been asking about advice for her love life, cause that answer sure as hell don’t make no sense if she asked for advice on cooking! And what does limes and Salmon have to do with one or the other? Is he referring that Darren is the lime and to catch a “Salmon” (whoever that may be) she has to loose Darren? Or just say, “To hell with it all and screw Darlene cause Darren is mine!” And stake her claim to him?  I’m sooooo confused!!!!! 

Then Darren asked Emilio for advice. Check out what he got…

Hmmm. Must…figure…out…what the crazy butler is trying to say! Let’s all pick this apart here. What good ole Emilio must be saying is, Darren must choose between his strong feelings and follow his heart to Darlene or he should just suck it up and stay with Krista and get on with it, already. Or in other words. Be happy, in love and ride off into the sunset with his beautiful bride or be a miserable ole coot and eventually loath the very ground Krista walks on.  Wanna know my answer?

If this is who Darren wants, then Darren’s wish is my command. Hey there are plenty of other fish in the sea of sims for my gal.


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