Let the gaming begin!

Well anytime between the 26 – 31, that is. I will be transferring all my sims (2 & 3) over to my new gaming pc! Ya! I’m so excited, then let that stupid game crash thingy try to tell me that my memory is low. HA! Not with 12 GB of memory and 2 TB Hard drive! Plus the graphics card is top of the line. AMD Radeon HD 7770. It will also come with a 3 Gen. Intel Core  i7-3770 processor that produces 3.4 GHz and comes with turbo boost, in case I draw to hard on the  processor, AS IF! I”m so FREAKING EXCITED!  The only thing that scares me? It comes with Windows 7. It took me a some time to get used to everything different with Vista from XP. Now I have to do it all over again going from Vista to Windows 7.

As side from just about peeing myself over my new pc that is on its way, I played my game Saturday late afternoon – evening. I had in 3 hours of game play and !BLAM!  My game crashes. WT????? It hasn’t done that in so long I can’t really tell you when the last time was. So I ran my crash analyzer. This aught to be good. In no way, shape or form, will it be CC caused. Why? I haven’t put any in for who knows how long! I’ve taken OUT CC I don’t use anymore or no longer need/want.  Oh no it tells me the reason for the crash was from LOW MEMORY! Of all the blessed reasons. Liar! I have PLENTY OF FREAKIN MEMORY! And am about to have way more than is necessary to run TS3. So you guessed it…everything I had done/accomplished was… GONE, BYE-BYE, NEVER TO HAPPEN AGAIN. Cause the next time I go to play, the game will be different. 

I will leave you with this pic I took the other night when I was playing my game and working on my legacy. I have never really paid much attention when directing a person, HA, I meant sim to “walk here”, until I seen this, when my sim wasn’t being fast enough…


See the direction to your left? The one that says…”HARASS WORLD”?  REALLY?  **Hmm. Wonder what would of happened if I clicked on that** Ooops! Did I just type that for everyone to see? HAHAHA. See ya later, alligator! Won’t be simming till my new system is here, as I already have to replace some files on my flash to make my transition smooth.


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