It’s Here!

And the graphics are amazing! It’s like actually looking at a 3D world. Although of course I had to adjust the resolution and just to really see what the graphics card could handle, I moved all the little bars to max. What a difference just having a better graphics card made.


See how jagged the cut out wall is? Even my sim looks…EW!

And now.

Much smoother. The back of the couch, the half wall, door way, everything! Even my sim is much smoother!

Now I’m going to show a series of photo’s. These are the Before shots of the home I renovated for my family, The Martins.

And this is what it looks like now.


I don’t know if I ever posted on this or not, but before I had an issue going on with my animals from Pets. Everything shorter than a deer, would get this awful stretched out graphic thingy goin on. Drove me insane.


But not anymore! I can zoom right into my cat or any animal for that matter and it don’t do that crap anymore!

Aside from Windows 7 almost launching me into a full blown hysteria and giving me a migraine, I love my new pc. I’ll get used to W7, it can’t be all that user unfriendly!

I’m off to play some more, as tomorrow I will be shutting ‘er down, and packing it up to move. Til the next time…

Peace out, Be safe and Take care! =D 



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