As if just the news of Seasons being released isn’t amazing enough, SimGuruCharles, puts out a teaser blog introducing the season…Spring.  From the sounds of his blog on The Sims 3 community site, Seasons is going to be out of this world! Glowing umbrella’s? Lightening strikes? Kiss booths? OMG! No one could ever possibly play this game and have it be the same ever again! There is plenty for your sims to do now…but oh my gosh, seasons is going to add more and more amazing excursions for every sim of every age! Well, almost every age.  But don’t take what few words I have jotted down here to make your decision as to whether you are going to purchase it or not, first read what Associate Producer Charles Murakami, a.k.a. SimGuruCharles has to say about Spring and the other seasons yet to be revealed.


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