I need your help!

I’m at a cross roads and I’m not sure how to proceed. After I got my new pc, installed all of my sims games, transferred over my saved files. The only family that didn’t copy over is my legacy family. I have a new family where the guy looks similar to BJ. He could be a 2nd or 3rd generation in the family. With your help and voting as to whether I should continue on with this family, I can work out the generation link in the story.

Here is a comparison shot of BJ and Hank Martin

Won’t you please help?

Edited 8/6/2012 

I have decided to go ahead with the next phase of my legacy. It will be with Hank Martin who will be the great-grandson of Serenity Grace. The first chapter of his story will be up on August 7, 2012.


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