Hey, whaz up?

I worked on the second chapter of my new legacy, and published it. But I wanted to share a few pics that will never make it into that story. Just some random shots of things that I happened to catch during my game play today.

These two kitties remind me of the trouble makers I have IRL! LOL! =D

My legacy lady tending to her garden when not being directed by me to do whatever it is I may need her to do.


While the family was out to dinner, as I waited for them to finish, I happened to catch this deer come bouncing into town. Literally, it was bouncing


I caught one of the kitties sleeping, both of my cats sleep just like this.


And that will take care of that. This coming week sometime, I will be posting several Sims 2 videos made by Masofmode 112. Until then………

Peace out, Be safe and Take care! *MUAH* 



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