Craving filled

For the past several weeks, I have had a severe lack of  game time. Well, I cured that.  Now I will have more time open for me to play my game, IF I should choose to.

So today, I spent much of my day doing just that. Playing my game, and saying ” **** off!”  to everyone and anyone! And you know what? IT FELT REALLY GOOD!

I’ve had it with people coming to me with stupid silly shit, like, for example: “I need a nail put in my wall for…” or ” I need a screw, can you call the maintenance man?” REALLY? What, in pretell kind of screw are you referring too? Never mind, I really don’t want to know...nor have that horrifying visual stuck in my head all day. -shudders- And, do you know what a hammer is? Put the *$@#&^ nail in yourself! Anyways. I’m done ranting now. I just had to get it off my chest. I feel much better now.

The family I played today has been a family I haven’t played in such a long time. The Lunar family!

A nighttime view of their home

The fam

Sydney graduated from school…YAY!

Here she is entering city hall


Some good news for her

Jada learned to drive and got caught out after curfew. She earned a ride home from the Po-po

I had to take this shot from inside the home looking out at the water. I just can’t get enough of the graphics that my system delivers! AMAZING! I really can’t wait to see what Seasons is going to be like!

I’m about to eat some supper then settle in to play my game some more. This time I’m thinking about checking in on one of my other families that I haven’t played in a while. The Misfits!

French Fried Onion coated pork chops…mmmm good. That’s not what my sims ate, that’s what I made! Along with rice and broccoli. Excellent combo.

Now for The Misfits, Chic has taken up sculpting. He did his fist masterpiece tonight… here he is while creating and his creation

Magdilyn has set out to write a fiction novel, here she is thinking of what should happen…


Devon is brushing up on his athletic skill to help further him along in his career, Military.


such concentration going on there.

One of the other girls in the home, J, had earned a promotion in business, and Nick is half way to reaching level 5 in his acting career.

I started to build another home, it’s not quite done yet. While I was building it, I was seeing posts being made by one of my sims 3 friends. It sounds like there is a few simmers out there in the sims 3 community who are…well to be blunt and not to mince words…they are being a bunch of rotten, rude, obnoxious A-HOLES!  To the point where this particular young person is thinking about deleting their account on TS3.  Why do people have to be so rotten? And more so, why do THOSE rotten people feel the need to intrude in on what was once a very nice place to hang out! There has been more than one of my simmy friends who has gotten chased away by these…these… hating bastards than I care to count and the SimGuru’s just aren’t doing a damn thing about it! That’s what is more infuriating than anything! They have allowed people to post vulgar crap on the forum, in the exchange and get away with it for months before they actually get their accounts blocked. They have harassed many of my friends and gotten away with it. I will admit, I too, have given great consideration to deleting my account on TS3, because of all the bullshit that is being allowed to go on. I don’t go into the forums, because of all the bull crap that goes on in there. A person can’t post for any help without some stupid simmer making them feel like a complete idiot. Oh yes, I know who you are, and you’re the idiot! And that’s why WE AIN’T FRIENDS!  There have been a couple times when I’ve jumped in and responded to those jerks by quoting their answer and making them feel lower than the grub of the earth.  The reason I don’t delete my account? I keep it around just so I can get stuff from the store for my game, as I am trying to cut down on a lot of the CC I load into it,very rarely do I ever make a status post on ‘my page’, most of the time it’s just to put out there when I’ve updated my legacy.

That’s it for tonight.  Good-bye, good night.  Peace out, be safe and take care.


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