Trouble in Lucky Palms

Oooo weee! You really have to keep an eye on those darn sims! In my game today, I finished building that house I started last night and started playing the family. After not finding any suitable male sims for my gal, I made one.  At one party that they were invited to, things got a little out of control. Meaning, Lourde made a big whooping mistake. Just hours after asking Gigi to be his girlfriend, he about ruined it by flirting with the hostess! Dumbass. Here is the outcome of that lil tryst.

The dirt bag…

Gigi lays a good left hook


She then lets ole Lourdes have it

She takes off to go home and he runs after her, when he catches up he begs for her forgiveness. I must be crazy, as I allowed her to forgive him. Needless to say, he won’t be attending one of that girls party’s…ever…again!

The next morning, I guess she was still a lil peeved at him, look at the scorn on her face!


He better hope she lets go of this, before SuperNatural comes out. She is a gypsy after all, and she just might take up casting spells…just saying.

Anyway, here is their house, or rather Gigi’s house.

Other things that happened while playing…

Um, sweetie, I think you’re suppose to sit in the saddle…THE OTHER WAY?!


Sunrise and sunset over Lucky Palms

Whoa Nellie! Either you used too much hairdo gel or someone scared the crap right out of ya!

ROFLMBO! Looks like someone was playing with the light outlets again!


“No, I won’t fix that man stealing lil *^&$@’s radio! NA NA NA!”


And now I’m done. Bye! See ya! 



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